Sunday, November 16, 2008

Im here again, this lately were full blasting boring. Redzky called me around 5pm i think, and i was on swimming at stadium. This morning i woke late,until someone( Dad) knocking my door couldnt heard his knocking on the heavens door...hehe..Bon Voyages to Burhani,Jarunah and the rest of my cousins performing their Hajj this morning. Im sorry couldnt catching up you guys, as i was having jetlag this week. Akhir tidur saja ku. This afternoon, i went for swimming around 5pm, and i was thinking to take some photograph. But, my ideas were not in my mind. Recently, alot of bloggers were took sunseting picture and carnival DST at Tungku HQ centre. I miss the part again, i was not aware all the event in Brunei. But for sure, any events or upcoming ones for sure, bloggers had the same picture and place!! hahahaha...

Tonight im having standby from 11pm till 3am. Hopefully were not being called up. Again, i miss to come p2f concert last night, as i was so damn boring tend to forget those concert. Actually, im looking foward to take some picture this concert p2f,but failed! Should i wait for the next week? Hopefully dapat, cause, by next week my roster will freaking tight! Tomorrow, im going to Brisbane again..what should i do? Outing for photograph again? but where? the same city..? hmmm i dont know..and the next 1 day off, going to Auckland..then Perth. Rba destination nowadays more to Australian routes, only 1 destination on going to European country;and it is United Kingdom. Kesian, but what to do! management more wiser than us.

I received one message from a guy, rudely offered me to go to Pantai Serasa around 3pm. Sorry geng! i will not entertained those unrespectful words that you sent. Eventhough, you know me well, but respect words that i need. Too bad! you can have a good day with your gurl..without me..Orang sudah di lamun cinta, memang lah!! gula jawa kalau dimakan pun rasa coklat mun dimakan, kalau mun sudah angau kan becinta. Im waiting for 1 person, but berapa kali ku nudge nada kana balas..Might be his busy with his stuff. And UBD ians..had left me msg thru blog,but wait his message until now, batang hidung pun tak nampak..kind of busy kali masih ia. My tonsil seems to get healed soon. Thanks to Noraini (colleague Singaporeans) had recommend me to eat this expensive antibiotic which costs 84 Dirham equivqlents to $40 dollars BND which only consists 6 tablets. Wow! mahal nyer! tapi kan baik awal punya hal, aku telan jelah..close one eye to buy this capsules.

Faizal (singer) will going to Osaka tomorrow, sorry Faisal, this lately, kenapa tani dua inda pandai kejumpahan. Dari Hari raya till now, our schedule tight banar. Kan bemalam at his place di lumut pun ku payah..sorang2 sibuk dngan hal sendiri2. Masa ani musim haji, banyakan berdoa, pintu kaabah, bila2 masa kana buka time Haji ani..Mudahan segala doa kitani kana makbulkan Tuhan.

In my mind, i wanted to go to KL, taking photograph lessons by Saiful Nang. Tapi balum ada masa. Insyallah, mun murah rezeki, i will go.but now, i wanted to buy slingshot bag for my camera. In dubai quite cheap,but this things if we wnated to buy, we have to get patient. Not everyday i got my destination to Dubai,rotation on having longhaul nowadays is restricted. So, have to wait lah!!

To those who view my blogs, tq very much for viewing it and those who had link me.. And to those who still balum update my address http in your blogroll update it now!! hehehe. When searching through others, some my link were still old address...And those photo togs; Brunei Team, KantaLensa,Canon,Nikon creativity and etc.thank you very much..Hopefully we can met sometimes rather vewing on each other blog..Last but not least, Thanks and have a nice day to you all..


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