Monday, November 3, 2008

" Cabin Attendants Seats For Take-Off"
This is the oldest Hotel in Perth. I took this picture when we went to NorthBridge..Classic~~~
I thought it was statue, but its a human being..Hahaha~~
Khairul..Model Terkini..hehe..Nice Pose..
Saxophone Boy..
Statue..Anyone knows that Symbols?
I went to Camera Shop looking for lenses. This picture i test it Sigma 10-20mm it cost $699 Australian Dollars. Quite expensive. I got more cheaper than this price in Singapore. I try to bargain to $685, but he insist to stick with $699. If he offered me with $685, i straight away grab this wide angle Lens. Inda apa..bukan tah rezeki..Im sure they will be a way for me..Insyallah..
I dont know about that post. .I'm sure they were from University. Anyone knows?

Dont really understand..I just took this photo..
I took this picture infront Opera House in Perth.. Nice classic building..
My colleague went off to this glamourous street,where they selling branded items. Say it,Louis Vuitton,Gucci,Tiffany and much more. Congrats frens, haha buying Tiffany jewellery. Jangan jara membali..huhu~~
This is the city of Perth. The weather so nice and shine. But the things is "FLIES" were everywhere. Sasak ku lalat ahh...Bagi durang its normal lalat sana atu. Eeee..gigitan ku..Inda pulang ku bemood. How do you find perth from the this picture? Intrested to come?


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