Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today i went to clinic and took sick leave for 2 days. Last night feverish berabis ku..until inda ku beaircon. Leherku makin membangkak and merah. Tidurku pun nda nyaman,sedikit menangis ada jua. How i wish, i slept next to my parents ( I missed my childhood). Last night, i slept around 9pm,and malar tebangun-bangun saja. I could'nt come over my brother balik Haji. Seorangku saja di rumah and take a deep rest.

Before went to clinic today, Kin went to my place. ( Thanks Kin untuk melawat) and really appreciated it. I didn't expect he called and come visiting me,anyway god bless you. I went to Giant, Rimba (alone) membuang boring andmembuang rasa tadi. Furthermore, i need to buy sandals,pasal yang lama macam kan putus. Refering to Feng Shui, wearing those torn sandals is bad luck. Hahaha..This is only according to Feng Shui ah..jangan jua luan percaya sangat..At Giant store, stuff were really reasonable price. Malas tah kan membali yang mahal2..sanak ku sudah..
That's all folks, back to rest.."-(


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