Monday, December 15, 2008

Last night i went to Singapore on flight duty. Both sector were full. Really tired and i can feel my back is aching. Arrived in Brunei 2305pm and went to My nest Cafe for late supper. No time to eat in the aircraft, so damn busy and it was short flight. Where else and how to eat, where everthing so "Kanchong" and busy. Imagine 3 crew serving 132 passengers. Are u able to do that? Those who wanted to join cabin crew, think twice!!
Eventhough, tired! i still switching on my laptop and Redzky were online chatted with me. He wanted to learn on how to copy music to his blogger. So that, he could change the music whenever he wants. It took 1 hour jualah ngajar ia. Its not easy tutorial people using online, tambahan he's in Porthmouth(UK). I felt, my throat hard to swallow and its sign and symptoms having fever. I took some Panadol to relieve the pain. Argghhhh! sakit eyh..Hopefully it will heal soon...


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