Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sampai 6.30pm we still in aircraft continuing our flight to Kota Kinabalu..

Kengalihan berabis kami di kapal ahh..full flight saja..pisan..Inda beranti kami patrolling cabin..lain lagi some passengers complaint..*sigh*

It was 8am in Perth. I was slept late last night around 11pm after ironing my uniform. The night we arrive in Perth at 8pm, went out by walking distance to grab some dinner. The rest of my colleague kengalihan and inda durang mau keluar. Sampat lagi kediaku jalan-jalan. Indaku selesa tidur ku semalam and gelisah..kenapa ia kah.. The next morning i order breakfast from the room service..and we still live at Hilton Hotel in the middle city of Perth.


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