Monday, December 1, 2008

Today went to Pengkalan Batu sent Kin to his place. Finally, baru ia balik,after he went slept overnight at my place due "Lateness" submission to go back last night. It was started,when i was so bored and felt like to grab my 40D and get a shots..! It was a long time for me, for haven't took any outing potrais. So...., i decided to bring along Kin as my model. The best spot is at Pantai Jerudong, where my 1st outdoor activities last year with Jai. Sunday was fulfill of sunny yet windy at 4.30pm! Started within at the middle part of "Runaway Horses" between two seashore. Then, there we goes snapping till late at 6pm with different poses and mood to enhance the realities of Kin personalities.

That's it!! You can't believe it, i could intepret people moods and vision only through my gadget 40D. Try it! It something that tells you when you grab poses and took photo of that person. I just read some articles from Best Digital SLR magazine,which i bought in Auckland, it really helps me to take some moods of personality during outdoor potraits. It doesn't shows how practically on the shots itself, but more in theory on believing your instinct to grab it..believe it, its true..For example:

1) You have to make a conversation with that person in depth and asked several question on his/her reality of lifes ( Love, Financially, poltically and etc). When make a long conversation with them, suddenly the moods and the facial expression of that person will suddenly changed. And this is the time and your chances to take shots with that feelings! Quickly asked them " Okay, can i grab your picture?"..Then, you can take the feelings with that mood without asking them to have fake poses infront the camera...It really works dude!

After having a lot of battling with the camera,we heading to Mall,Gadong. Actually it was unplanned, but since Kin nothing to do that night,continueosly bring him along. Crowded can be seen and heard when we just finish our a bit taste of having Rojak Jala Jali at the food court. Starring down from the top, we saw Hans announcing the Grand Opening speech of Puteri Norizah launching her album " Princess of Phuturephase Production" --->quote taken from Dj Zayn blog's. Without wasted our time, we went to ground floor to have a better close up look and of course took photos..We also have a chance to mingle with p2f contestant and of course others eliminating contestants, i.e Hill and the rest.

Each one of them, entertained the audiences who went visiting and passingby at the Mall, including Tourist from outsiders. Well, a good spot for launching though, where 80% market sales can be sold with discounted price for buying Putri Norizah Album. I forgot the price but all the income will 100% charity to Pusat Ehsan School. May God Bless you Putri..Amin.. Hopefully more youngsters will keep following her paths just like Putri.

At 10.30pm, we went back, but wait...!!!! an offered came..and it was from Dj Fauzan called me through my handphone. He invited us to visit him a the studio and asked us to join him having a healthty late supper outside at Kianggeh..hahaha. Unfortunately, my batteries camera were" Out Of Service". Nothing into excited, thought that i could took some photos in RTB Studios. End up used mobile handphone to take some pictures with 1.3 Megapixels as per Kin..Mun inda abis ku shoot berabis!!!
Sharply at 12 midnight, then we heading to Kianggeh and having Bakso and mouth watering Soto Hatibuyah. Kin called her mom, and told he unable to go back home as it was late already. Kin endup satyed overnight at my place. No size ani bah.. (oops!!) the end of stories.

Today woke up at 11am and Kin seems to woke up early at 9am. I'm having Jetlag. I couldn't shut my eyes last night, as i thought yesterday morning arriving from Auckland (Saturday Night) i slept around 8.30pm till 11am the next day,total sleeping hours = 15 hours. I really exhausted and damn tired. End up the next day, i couldnt sleep as per usual pattern night, whereas Jetlag come over to my body clockwise. Hah! jgn th telampau iski kan jadi Cabin Crew, liat tah kejadian ku macam mana..hehehe

Today, nothing to do just lepaking at Kin Place at Pengkalan Batu. Thanks Kin! I have a great time with you, eventhough your gurl malar ingau kan your exam. Aku jadi Batu Api mu masa anie.heheh. Btw, becareful when answering any question tomorrow. I bet you can do it broooo!!!! Mun nganya kau..dui ko dapat tu.. Dont Study hard but study smart.. Oh ya!! Thanks for shoot me yesterday afternoon. Nice try! your hand meant to grab those Digital SLR Camera..Hope u can get one day..Amin.. Good Luck!


Kin Fariz said...

Yo bro,thnx 4 ur tym,money n tiredness,siuk jua lepak2 24hours sama kita 2.trasa bnr mcm ku d KL. Bilik macam hotel. Suasana umh kita mcm luar negri,dn mkn d luar saja,wh so siuk ah,thnx alotz k bro,n apa yg tni ceta2 2 jadi pengalaman n panduan hidup ah,thnx alotz 4 dt jua ah.k thnx again bro,n kim salam dj fauzan.

Editor said...

No worries

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