Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ezah being make up

I went to UBD in the afternoon picked up Kin and this is his last exam. We planned to go to RTB watching p2f concert but i saw,there are so many people waiting infront of the main door just to get front seat. While waiting Zayn in the make up room, i managed took some photo of the p2f contestants. I wanted to take some more picture but the management are not allowed us to take more pictures as some other websites and bloggers had misused posting and making up stories. Actually, i wanted to take some photos for Dj Zayn but he was late. Because we have an appointment at 7.30 with Mirul at Jerudong. Only a few contestants managed to pose. Here some of the pictures,

Just be informed any grabbing photos from this blog were strictly prohibited and watermark had been post for safe side as per management P2F.