Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grand Chancellor Hall for Examination at UBD

Shhh...Be Quiet..

I woke up late today and looked up to my clock in my bedroom shows 1pm,as sleep a bit late as my "__" called me early morning around 4am till 5am. Panas telingaku betelipun through my 3g line. Today, i text Kin to accompany me to Tutong for buying lens. Fortunately,he was in UBD just finished his exam at UBD. Text by text alter with a call ,end up coincidently stuck due traffic at UBD and i have a cahnce to look at their Chancellor Hall. Frankly, it was my first time, looking around at that grand place.

Sekalinya, i met " Hill p2f". Sekali we both have a little chat with him. Again, my first time met Hill face to face. What a coincident day, i thought again. I really pity for him for not continuing his P2F concert due to unforeseen circumstances. Well, life can be hard to go flow with it. Hidup kena di teruskan jua. I bet, he strong enough to face whatever halangan dihadapinya. I was so embarrased to go in to chancellor Hall, as i only wearing simple round neck shirt,Jeans and sandals. When looking to other students,their were really smart and neat. I bet they have to dress smart for attending their exams.

I was so amazed and very proud to young Bruneian youth,where not everybody were able to catch and learned at UBD. But,nowadays can see alot of changes. More young students now realised how important education with great certificates to achieve. Job and vacancies in Brunei goverment were not that easy to get. A lot of challenging needs to go through with alot of obstacles and patients. In my heart, how i wish, i can be one of them, but takdir di tangan Tuhan. Really envy to them, feels like wanted to turnback this world again, so that i can study hard to go UBD. huh...(sigh..) hopefully but it was only day dream.

To Kin, yooo...bro! you were lucky enough and you should thankful to God and to both of your parents,where you can achieve this high qualification. Hopefully you pass with flying colours..Amin..Study Hard and jangan main2. Whatever you wish during our journey to your place,can be achieve as long you focus with your studies and be smart whatever you do. I know you can get it. Jangan nanti sudah bekeraja lupakan diri. It always happened, manusia selalu macam atu. Well, that's normal but hence try to avoid it.


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