Friday, November 21, 2008

Aku tebaca from blog Dj Zayn yang memberitahu si Hill tarik diri from p2f. I managed to copy from Dj Zayn punya blog (Sorry zayn) but i have to say it,sayang seribu kali sayang..i was looking foward to see him tomorrow night di RTB arah bilik makeup. My plan is kan mengambar kedia di Dewan Raya, namun Tuhan sudah menakdirkan,hanya kitani dapat merancang. Nasihatku arah si Hill; This is only the begining in sing career path dear!! mungkin ada rahmat disebalik perkara ani.. dui kesian..membagi rawan hati membaca..menitik dan sayu jua ada. Really shock when one of my fren (Kin Fariz) text me HILL undur diri..Tekajut berabis ku...Sigh** Frankly speaking, i wanted him and listen Young Bruneian Talented people to sing that song during the concert. Inda kediaku, Hill pun okay jua. Since p2F ani banyak urang meliat this reality show. But..huh!! sudah tah.. Now read below articles, that i copy from Dj Zayn punya blog...

Hello boys and girls, ladies and gentleman.

"I know that I am not suppose to post any articles for the time being as I promised myself that I will use all the extra time I have to revise for my upcoming examinations. But, I believe that this post is worth to share with every MSV readers.I am just done with my p2f camera rehearsals and was quite shock to see the absence of Hill tonight. He never missed any rehearsals before neither he ever missed his vocal, dance and band trainings. The management has informed me that Hill had to pull out from this prestigious reality tv show due to several health complications.This saturday Hill is suppose to sing Shukriz's song, Dangarkan. I do know that most of my chatters, readers and his fans are really2 looking forward for him to sing that song. Oh well, sometimes our health is really unpredictable no matter how hard we try to keep ourselves healthy by taking super extra care to it.My gratitude to Hill, wishing you a quick recovery bro!MSV: Hill is a very talented lad with an amazing vocal. I could see that he is the type who would push himself so hard to achieve better things in life. It's a lost to see him and to know that he had to pull out due to his health. Btw bro, hoping to see you perform and belting out your own songs in the near future. All the best!!"


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