Wednesday, November 26, 2008

. MThis photo were tested this evening. This creature called Peacock. I started believing in Feng Shui last 3 years and still practising it. This Peacock were position at "South" of my bedroom together were diamond crystals Pink and Blue. And Yellow Pagoda to avoid any misfortune in year 2008. While Peacock and other items also have different meaningore info about Feng Shui can be visited on website:

Kin brought me to this place " TandaKasih Restaurant" in Tutong. Again, this is my first time come and eat in this place. Thanks to Kin..:-) Bakas menghantar Gurlnya balik dari Exam di UBD. It was heavily raining during in the evening.

This afternoon i went to Rose photo with Kin buying this lens. This is my first time went to this shop. Han,is very good salesman with his product knowledge before selling it. Simple and small shop at around cornering infront Police Station. Some picture taken, no regrets buying this lens with filter too!



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