Monday, November 17, 2008

This was taken in 2001 i think! besides me is Mimi Rahzia and Shamsul.
Mimi now in KL. She's an actress and pengacara di TV3. She's Bruneian. Tapi rezekinya sudah disana. I dun really update with her. But, she's got a blog..but i cant remember. Good luck Mimi..This photo were taken from Abu Dhabi to Frankfurt. Next to right is Shamsul, now he become Cabin Services Officer. He still around and active playing softball. The group name is "Black Arrows" heheh Cali kan gambar ahh..hehehe
This photo was taken in 1996. Besides me is Tan Chin Lui. She's from Kuching. She's quit from Cabin Crew in 1998. I dont know where she's now..Maybe kawin kali sudah. This occasion after graduating the course. I cant remember but somewhere in august 1996. How do i look? Kurus kerimping kan? hahaha

During my childhood, i always dreaming. I think everyone, during their schooldays,you always have a topic in composition " My Ambitions". Am i right?Well, semua urang mengalami karangan ani. You know what? last old days, my ambitions is to become Teacher. This ambitions when in primary six. But during in secondary school, i wanted to become Fashion Designer, and it was form 4. But times changes, after finishing my form 5, one of colleague (Redzky) had poisoning my mind to join Cabin Crew,Flight Attendants, Flight Steward and what else they say..(Stewardass...!!) Not my intention actually joining this job. When i was in form 5, i was thinking to go have course overseas to become Fashion Designer,well that was before!! Tinggal angan sahaja..

I was so naive during my 18th and doesnt look mature i think. I was so skinny,my weight is 65kg. My waist is 23 now 34..hahaha..gila..banyak bezanya.And for your info, it was my first job. Barangkali rezeki syukriz kali, sekali interview, Syukriz tarus dapat. My mom pun kebeliangan, mcm mana buleh ku dapat! Even Redzky pun dapat as steward. It was 1996 our batch was 69th. Hmmm..our time were really hard time. We went on going in house training for 3 months. Everyday bangun awal and mostly everyweek having test;which is you have to pass 84% for every subject. Safety and Cabin Services course need to pass, or else you failed to fly.

Masa mula-mula masuk iski lah! first time dapat gaji sendiri. I still remember, my first salary, i give my both parent $500 each. Maklum, ariatu balum ada loan lagi..Gaji bersih!! haha Nearly monthly i can earn $1300 for new comers; thats include: flying allowance,nightstopping allowance,incidental,transport and lots! those can never forget..

But now, 2008, cuba kira,brapa tahun sudah ku flying? more than 10 years sudah. I feel old..hehe things come fast and different. A lot of changes had been made on our management,this is because to enhance more productive and profitable costs airlines, as nowadays, competitve with other airlines now more progressively and updated. More existing low budget cost airlines now, offering more lowest fare than ever in history!! We have to maintain that status with accomodates fare and others sections respectively. For those who wanted really to join as Cbin Crew..think twice and make sure you love that job. If you doesnt love that job, you will be sorry.

As a flight attendant, the most important thing to put in your head was punctuality and dicipline yourself. Other than that,buleh di maafkan. Ada urangkan masuk kan mau flying and terabang sana sini. Tapi actually as Cabin Crew is not easy. You have to adapt time differnce in other countries. Most of the time you will have Jetlag. Your rountine meals will be obviously different. The climate again,and jangan hairan banyak crew selesma after long haul. This is because different climate within different countries. Imagine, working dikapal using coat in the cabin for 10 hours without fresh air? Apa yang selalu di hidu ialah, bau kabin yang tidak menyenangkan..hahaha bau stokin tah, bau jamban tah, bau badan orang lah dan macam2 hal lagi. Apa hal dengan stewardess nya, where u have to maintain makeup and sanggul...haha paham2 sajalah..

When looking through cabin crew walking in the airport, it looks glamourous with beautiful makeup, sanggul,clean shaven beard, smart comb hair and so on. But, u didnt realise that, we have to maintain it, no matter what, how many hours you have been working in the aircraft. it could be 11 hours!! melelahkan actually.Now, im thinking the old days,cali ada jua..sedih ada jua..hahah. No matter what u want ur dreams, do it with your honest heart. Ikhlaskan keraja, insyallah, sampai bila2 pun kitani sampai ke menara gading yang kita ingini..

Selamat Mencoba..!


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