Friday, October 31, 2008

Actually this place i wanted to shot. Aku ada mimpi this place,iatah ku kuatkan hati kan mengambar disini..Actually kan kedalam ku lagi, tapi nya workers atu jangan kesana, pasal lumpur sana banyak..So ku ambil saja bahagian ani.. This place look fimiliar..Brgkali dalam mimpi ku kali...

Apakan ni ah?
Anitah cara durang membakar cili padi untuk sambal durang.Dibakar miatu nganya,inda lagi bealas tu!!
Thai Workers..waiting for his frens to pick him up

I grab this photo below the window..

Unique..Cook the rice..

Washing their clothes..

After Working...

Cutting Hair... That guy good looking..He's from Thai.When i approached him,his dad from Dutch,her mother from Thai. I believe his pan asian. Does he deserve to work as a labour?


Washing Dishes... Look at his tattoo..His Viatnamese..

After went to Pantai Jerudong, i went to this place. Not to mention that place. Stopping by and started to wandering around that building. Actually, i wanted to take photo on Natural Scene besides that building, but my eyes were different mood. I try to take photos more into candid. I wanted people see how's workers live in Brunei. Kesian!! When think about it, bersyukur tah tani tinggal tempat yang selesa.


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