Friday, October 24, 2008

Al-baik the best fast food in Jeddah..

Al- Souk..

I bought gamis here only for 30 riyals
A lot of arabic perfumes were sell along the souk. Tasbih,Henna,Jewellery,Watches and lots more to see. Bargain is the key word!
Oops! Victoria Secret on the shelf...Pick one! hahah Kedapatan..
This is where you can buy cheap and reasonable price for a cargo bags Quality Cargo bags can be quote less than 300 riyal approx..150 BND with Lojel, Samsonite, Delsy brand with hard cover bags

Buy some items here..and this guy can speak malay fluently. Ia cakap" Bah masuk tah!" Membali tah barang kediaku, murah..murah.." Ahaks! tekajut baruk kami..

I took this picture discreetly as many policeman patrolising this area. And took any photograph in this area were really strict. Somehow, i manage to grab some picture. I took it by using view finder mode with AV to avoid blur during night vision. Just becareful when taking some picture in this area. The people were not really ccoperative, if we took their picture in candid. But inside the shop, u may take it as many as you want. This area also, many small kids selling their items. You can say "NO" to them and be firm. Or else, there will follow you until you bought one.
This place is famous for Bruneian pilgrims visiting this " Balat" area. Kalau inda kemari,inda sah. Misti singgah kemari membeli belah..When shopping to this area, you should know how to bargain the price. If you know how to bargain, price can be extremely cheap. And the Salesman also very friendly. It's easy to have conversation with them. "Ahlan Wah Sahlan" Ladies is compulsory to wear "Abaya" and cover their head with scarf. Or else, you will be shouted by arab ladies who patrolising those area.
While waiting for taxi, i manage to get some picture in this area.
This building is " Gazzaz". Branded items were inside with air-condition compare with souk. If you happened to visit that building " Gazzaz" , look alike in Harrods enviroment and its expensive too. You will be suprised most items were really 100% original.


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