Friday, October 24, 2008

This is Le Meridien Hotel we stayed for 3 days

From the top view of hotel building

At the Lobby waiting for taxi to get some lunch

This car has no bumper! Its not a suprised,when night stopping in Jeddah, a lots of car were not being taken care that seriously..Asalkan bejalan cukup bagi durang.
This is N2 Mall,baru saja being built. Really like that architacture layout

This is one of the kind small shops building along Jeddah Road.

Resident called " Bicycle Roundabout" It situated in the big round about of the main road. Its really big bicycle. Not really knows what actually history behind of this,but as far im concerned its being built long time ago. Nice motive.

We went to Aziz Mall,many branded things sold here E.g: Bershka, Pull and Bear,Chanel, Christian Dior and some electronics equipment. Open hours for shopping quite very difficult in Jeddah, because once "Azan" being heard,shop will be closed immediately and will start resuming after prayers. Meaning to say, every hours. Untuk lebih selesa for shopping, i suggested to come after 5pm. Masa kami datang sana, half of the shop were closed and we really upset and wasting time at 2pm we arrived.

This view i took picture from the inside bulding, outside the lobby lifts 1st floor.

This is one of the advert in Jeddah. Not reall sure what is the advert all about, but it really nice picture..